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Joseph Downing. "Success of French football team masks underlying tensions over race and class"

par Sylvie Chiousse - publié le

The Conversation, 13 juillet 2018
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"The French football team has made the world cup final for the first time since 2006 – and 20 years after it won the trophy on home soil in 1998. “Les Bleus”, as they’re called, are back in the nation’s good books, celebrated for their excellent performance in this year’s tournament. However, out of the limelight and the glare of success in Russia 2018, a question remains dogging French football – the role of race and class in the selection of national players.

On the surface, this may seem strange given the attention given to the multicultural harmony of the 1998 World Cup-winning team. The straight talking former captain of the French national team, Zinedine Zidane, recently said of his country’s 1998 win :

It was not about religion, the colour of your skin, we didn’t care about that, we were just together and enjoyed the moment."

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