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- December 2007 - Master of Philosophy MPhil (Hons.) Research Degree in Cultural Studies, University of Manchester. Thesis deals with the appropriation of Critical Theory of Frankfurt School in the realm of social gerontology.
- Sept ‘96 - Mar ‘98 - Master of Art MA (Hons.) in Critical and Cultural Studies. Essex University, Colchester. It is a Master Research Degree under the supervision of the Dr. Jim Philp. It traces the history of Old Age representation in the Western World as well as addresses the major theoretical issues that confront gerontological social theory. Title of the thesis : “The Representation of Old Age : Critical Gerontology”
- Oct ‘95 - Jun ‘96 - Postgraduate Diploma PD (Hons.), Essex University. A taught intensive course of one year that introduced me to the major theoretical debates in sociology ; and equipped me with the methodological means of writing research papers. The course culminates in a research paper and exams. Pass mark : “Merit”
- Sept ‘90 - Jun ‘94 - Bachelor of Art BA (Hons.) in English and Linguistics. The University of Ibn Zohr, Agadir, Morocco.

- May ‘08 - Aug ‘12- Bank Counsellor, HSBC Bank Plc., Leeds, UK.
- Feb 2008 - ITCR Training, London : an intensive course with the objective of full understanding of the British education system ; and the practical and theoretical issues of classroom behaviour management, SEN, ICT and micro-teaching.
- Oct 2004 - GTA (Graduate Teaching Assistant) Certificate, University of Manchester. The condensed content of this course contains under-graduate paper marking, differentiation, and behaviour manage-ment.
- Sept 2004 - PBL (Problem Based Learning), a two-day workshop in which I took part as a postgraduate academic Leader for new MA students at the University of Manchester.
- March 2003 - Resource Centre Coordinator : responsibilities include managing files ; ordering and classifying lecture’s reading lists ; advising students on materials and references ; and coordinating with the University’s John Ryland Library.
- June 2000 - Exam Invigilator, University of Manchester.