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Laurent Mucchielli - "Environmental and Corporate Crimes : The Case of Polluting Industries in France"

par Sylvie Chiousse - publié le

in Augusto Balloni and Raffaella Sette (dir), 2020, Handbook of Research on Trends and Issues in Crime Prevention, Rehabilitation, and Victim Support, IGI Global, p.283-296.
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Abstract : Drawing inspiration from researches on environmental crime and corporate crime, this chapter examines the case of air pollution caused by road transport and industry in France. The purpose of the author is first to document the nature and extent of these health threats to populations and second to highlight the existence of delinquent practices (defined as deliberate violations of legal norms) that sometimes play a major role in perpetuating these threats. The author first examines the issue of pollution caused by automobile engines and returns to “Dieselgate.” It then details the pollution problems observed in the Fos-sur-Mer industrial area in the south of France and its consequences on the health of local populations.