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Pierre-Olivier Weiss - "Sotto i ponti. Un’inchiesta etnografica tra i senzatetto a Roma nei primi anni 2000"

par Sylvie Chiousse - publié le

Dada rivista di antropologia post globale, 2020, Giugno n°1, p. 111-145.
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Abstract : Under the bridges. An ethnographic survey among the homeless in Rome in the early 2000s
Based on a three-month participatory ethnographic observation of a group of homeless people in downtown Rome, the author takes a sociological look at everyday life on the street from an emic perspective. The material allows to identify the way in which socialization logics of the homeless in public space are constructed. Far from attempting to summarize the multitude of profiles housed in this category, the first part develops four portraits of the homeless in their daily lives on the borders of desocialization, seeking to understand their relationship to the street. The second part depicts the organization of daily tasks and the logic of solidarity between the members of the group, focusing on the institutionalization of collective-individual relations. The game of distance and coming together is the subject of a third part which deals mainly with the issues of community life. The last part questions the ritualization of daily life in the street through the analytical account of a typical day. The main result is to show that there are forms of social organization based on shared norms, values and beliefs
among homeless people, thus breaking with the image of the lonely and asocial homeless person.

Keywords : homelessness, instituted group, public space, (de)socialization, solidarity