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Recherche Marie Curie

chercheur associé au Lames 2018-2020


Languages : English (Fluent), French (Fluent)

_ Research Interests :
- Comparative Politics,
- International Relations,
- race and ethnicity,
- French politics,
- nationalism,
- multiculturalism

Proposed Programme : Securitising Muslims in Cyber space : Social Media, Civil society and Marginalisation After Charlie Hebdo and Da’esh
Research Focus :
- The Charlie Hebdo attack and the flow of French Muslims to fight with IS have heightened concerns issues about the radicalisation and security threats posed by Muslims across Europe. However, current theories of securitisation do not account for a key means by which these security threats have been constructed through social media. With their focus on established political actors and institutional forms of media, this important theoretical tradition is left unable to grapple with the dynamic and rapidly multiplying environment of social media. This project would seek to fill this gap by providing both theoretical and empirical insights into these processes by answering the research question ‘how do forms of social media (de)Securitise Muslims in Europe ? Importantly, it would aim to expand the repertoire of securitisation theory by taking account of the role of social media and civil society in both creating security threats and countering them. Empirically, it would shed greater light on the two contrasting contexts at the centre of these debates, the United Kingdom and France.

Prizes and Awards :
- LSE Teaching Prize 2014 – awarded due to exceptional student satisfaction
- LSE Student Union Teaching Awards Nominations 2015 – nominated by students for teaching excellent

Published Peer-reviewed articles :
- European Influence on French Diversity Policy : Lyon’s Membership of the Intercultural Cities Program (Published 2015 Ethnic and Racial Studies, 38:9 1557-1572)
- Influences on state-society relations in France : Analysing voluntary associations and multicultural dynamism, co-option and retrenchment in Paris, Lyon and Marseille
(Published 2015 Ethnicities)
- Re-defining national identity in the city : Implementing ‘French multiculturalism’ in Lyon and Marseille (Published 2015 FENNIA International Journal of Geography, 193:3, 2015 Special Issue on ‘Ethno-cultural diversity and contemporary national societies’)
- A case of two Republics : The Dual State and (Re)Defining Nationhood in French Cities. (Forthcoming 2015 Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism)
- Fighting Cultural Forms of Marginalisation with a Voluntary Association : Les Oranges Efforts at Producing and Using Symbolic Power in a Parisian Banlieue (Forthcoming 2015 International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy Special Issue on ‘Third Sector and the Global Economic Recession’)

Manuscripts under consideration :
- Bright vs Blurred Rapping in Paris and Marseille : Understanding the Construction of Territorial and Cultural Urban Boundaries in French Hip-hop

Manuscripts in draft form :
- Recognition beyond ethnic minority, migrant and race : The utility of the Post-Migration community (To be submitted for peer review in 2015)
- European Diversity Managed in the Mediterranean : Outcomes of Marseille 2013 European Capital of Culture (To be submitted for peer review in 2015)
- Diffuse (De)Securitisation ? Identifying the Role of Voluntary Associations in (de)securitising minorities in France (To be submitted for peer review by early 2016)
- (De)Securitising the City : Religion, Culture and History in Municipal Governance in Marseille (To be submitted for peer review by early 2016)

_ Policy papers/Blog articles :
- The security threat posed by ‘outsiders’ is becoming a central theme of French politics in the aftermath of Charlie Hebdo (co-authored), LSE European Politics and Policy Blog 2015.
- From hope to fraternity : Marseille Espérance Maytree foundation ‘good ideas from successful cities’ online.
- Mediating between communities using religion : The case of ‘Marseille Hope’ in the ‘Good Ideas from Successful Cities : Municipal Leadership in Immigrant Integration’ Report, Maytree Foundation, September 2012
- Creating a European Capital for all : Marseille Provence 2013 in Migration Cities Newsletter, Maytree foundation, August 2012

Book Reviews :
- The Fear of Barbarians (Book Review), Nations and Nationalism, 18:1, Blackwell Publishing, London.
- Reproducing the French Race (Book Review) Nations and Nationalism, 17:2, Blackwell Publishing, London.
- How to be French (Book Review) Nations and Nationalism, 16:3, Blackwell Publishing, London.

Conference Papers :
- Fighting Cultural Marginalisation with Symbolic Power in a Parisian Banlieue, Evolving Understandings of Racism and Resistance, the Centre for Research on Migration Refugees and Belonging, University of East London, May 2015.
- Nationalism ; Diversity, Security in France after Charlie Hebdo (Workshop), The ASEN Annual Conference ‘Nationalism ; Diversity and Security, London School of Economics, April 2015
- Progression and Recognition with Migrant Voluntary Associations in Paris, Marseille and Lyon, Societies in Transition, Progression or Regression ? British Sociological Association Annual Conference, April 2015
- Defining national belonging in the city : the work of non-governmental organisations and the state in Lyon and Marseille, The ASEN Annual Conference ‘Nationalism and Belonging’, London School of Economics, April 2014
- Re-defining national identity in the city : Implementing multiculturalism in Lyon and Marseille, The Congress of the Association of Geographical Societies in Europe (EUGEO), Rome, September 2013
- Multiculturalism is not dead in France ? Possible Convergence in multiculturalism in Lyon and Marseille, The Future of the Multi-Ethnic City, University of Manchester, May 2013
- Multiculturalism in Lyon and Marseille : Convergence in the cultural recognition of difference, European Institute Lunch-Time Seminar Series, London School of Economics, November 2012
- Multiculturalism is not dead in Marseille, The Future of Multiculturalism : Structures, Integration Policies and Practices, Centre for Research on Nationalism, Ethnicity and Multiculturalism, The University of Surrey, June 2012
- Managing diversity – the stepping stone of the “imagined community” of the city, Living together ’in’ diversity, Central European University, Budapest, May 2012

Journal Experience :
- Reviewer, Article Manuscripts : Ethnic and Racial Studies, Minority Rights Group International, International Journal of Administrative Studies.

Qualifications :
- PhD European Studies, Identities stream, LSE _ Awarded 2014
AHRC block grant studentship ‘European Languages and Culture’, fully funded
- Thesis title : ‘Between Policy, Recognition and Rioting : Analysing the role of urban governance, historical commemoration and public culture in defining inclusion in Marseille, Paris and Lyon’
- Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Education (PGCertHE Full) (Pass), LSE Awarded 2013
- Modules : Planning, Supporting Student Learning, Course Evaluation, Assessment and feedback, Lecturing, Course Design
- MSc Middle East Politics, SOAS
Awarded (Distinction) 2006
- Thesis title : ‘The Politicisation of Shi’a identity in Lebanon under the conditions of Modernity’
- Modules : Social Theory, Middle East Politics, International Politics, Asian and African Politics
- Certificate in Political Studies, SOAS
Awarded (2:1) 2005
- Modules : Middle East Politics, Comparative Politics, International Politics, Social Theory
- BSc Environmental Sciences, King’s College London _ _ Awarded (2:2) 2003
- Modules : Law, Ethics, Governing Cities, Human Geography, Quantitative research methods, Toxicology, Biochemistry

Teaching :
- 2014-Present, Guest Lecturer, European Institute, London School of Economics,
Delivered lectures and seminars to MSc students, advised on research projects, formative and summative assessment
Ethnic Diversity and International Society
-Key themes : Social construction, Securitisation, Discursive Practices, Minority Rights, Muslims in Europe,
Identity, Community and the “Problem of Minorities”
-Key themes : Securitisation, Policy Narrative, Multiculturalism, Diaspora, Minority Rights, Muslims in Europe
Examiner ‘Muslims in Europe’
-Key themes : youth culture, radicalisation, Integration, assimilation, gender, conversion, history of Muslims in Europe

2013-Present, LSE Post-Doctoral Fellow LSE100 : Nationalism
- Promoted to LSE Fellow due to excellent performance as a teaching assistant
- Designed and produced module reading lists and class designs for the nationalism module
- Mentored and trained teaching colleagues and successfully worked as part of a large teaching team
- Key themes : quantitative and qualitative methods, criminology, poverty, nationalism, economics, gender, identity, race

2014-Present, Guest Lecturer, LSE widening Pariticipation, London School of Economics,
- Delivering interactive lectures to A-Level students on poverty and British politics

2010-Present, Guest Teacher, London School of Economics,
- Designing module content, formative and summative assessment, seminar design and delivery across the school.
LSE100 : Understanding the causes of things
-Key themes : Nationalism, quantitative and qualitative methodologies, international relations, comparative politics
Social Policy : from Principles to Practice
-Key themes : race, ethnicity, rights, citizenship, neo-liberalism, Marxism, feminism, the welfare reform, civil society
Theories and Problems of Nationalism
-Key themes : social theory, social construction, cultural sociology, political sociology, multiculturalism, race, globalization
States, Nations and Empires
-Key themes : European politics, Middle East politics, race, ethnicity, imperialism, post-colonialism, globalisation
The Arab-Israeli Conflict : Nationalism, Territory, Religion
- Key themes : 1948 war, Suez crisis, 1967 war, Israeli Nationalism, Syria under Assad, the Lebanese Civil War
Politics and Institutions in Europe
-Key themes : Elections, Political Parties, Federalism, European Identity, Political Economy
Contemporary Political Thought
-Key themes : Citizenship, Justice, Rights, Feminism, Multiculturalism
Independent Research BA Thesis
-Key themes included : Research design, methodology, writing structure

2013-Present, LSE GROUPS Co-director, Teaching and Learning Centre, LSE
- Promoted from research supervisor to co-director due to track record of excellent performance
- Designed and produced the 2014 LSEGROUPS theme and program for undergraduate student research
- Involved in recruiting students and staff, staff training, line management, administration
- Lectured on qualitative and quantitative methods, academic report writing, presenting research findings
- Responsible for supervising independent student led research projects

Funding secured :
- LSE Department of Government Research Fund - July 2014
Secured £3800 to fund an international conference on ‘Nationalism : Diversity and Security’
- LSE Annual Fund - January 2014
Secured £2600 funding for an international conference on ‘Nationalism and Belonging’
- European Institute Research Studentship - September 2012
Secured funding for continued PhD scholarship for £5600 for the 2012/2013 academic year
- European Institute Post-Graduate Travel Fund - April 2012
Awarded funding to present papers at two conferences for a combined award of £520
- AHRC Study Visit Award - September 2011
Awarded funding to undertake extensive fieldwork in Marseille, Paris and Lyon, France
- LSE Department of Government Research Fund
Secured £5000 to fund a seminar series for the Association for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism
- AHRC block grant studentship 2009-2012
Awarded approx. £60,000 to cover fees and living expenses for full 3 years of PhD study

Department of Social Policy Teaching Committee - 2014-Present
- Elected to teaching committee, advised and voted on teaching excellence strategies
Trainer, LSE PhD Professional Training 2015
- Invited to contribute to training provision for researchers aligned to Research Development Framework (RDF)
- Prepared and delivered skills training to groups of 20+ PhD students
- Liaised with Careers and Teaching and Learning Centre to negotiate and agree content and style of sessions
Association for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism (ASEN) 2010-2015
Conference Co-chair ‘Nationalism, Diversity and Security’ 2014/2015 and ‘Nationalism and Belonging’ 2013/2014
Seminar Series ‘Challenges to Nation Building’ Chair 2010/2011
-Responsible for planning, organising and running two three-day international conferences and a seminar series
- Secured over £11,000 of external funding

LSE Social Policy Society Study Visit to Paris 2014
-Organised a study visit to social projects and delivered a lecture on ‘critical issues in French social policy’
Eurogolfe Forum for Human Development 2010-2011
-Took part in a field trip to the UAE to complete a report on the financial crisis in Dubai and Abu Dhabi
-Arranged a conference on the Greek debt crisis for Arab students during their trip to the LSE
North Fulham New Deal for Communities Regeneration Project, Project Centre coordinator 2006-2007
-Ran the public face of this government funded community development organisation
Shepherds Bush Legal Advice Centre, Advice and Access coordinator 2006
-Coordinated access to free legal advice, produced communications material and developed monitoring mechanisms
King’s Environmental Services Consultancy, King’s College London, 2003
Quantitative Research Assistant, population monitoring project
- Worked in a team to deliver a quantitative research report (SPSS and STATA regressions) for the UK Environment Agency